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Mind the Gap: INSPA Conference
15-16th March 2024





Call for Papers


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Disha Musaddi
Head of Research

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Disha is a Sport Psychologist based in Bangalore, India. She has a keen research interest in well-being and psychological safety of all the stakeholders in the athlete ecosystem


Dr. Sanika Divekar
Head of
Content and Resources

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Sanika is a qualified Sport and Exercise Psychologist. She has a keen interest in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Cultural Sport Psychology.


Jaini Nandu
Head of
Conferences, Trainings, and Workshops

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Jaini is a Sport Psychologist based in Mumbai, India and is a consultant with Reliance Odisha Athletics HPC. She has a keen interest in simplifying sport psychology to athletes at a young age


Parinaaz Irani
Head of Memberships

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Parinaaz is a Sport and Exercise Psychologist based in Mumbai, India. She has a keen interest in the holistic approach with a focus on mental health of athletes


Maithili Bhuptani
Head of Social Media

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Maithili is a Sport Psychologist based in Mumbai, India and is the lead Sport Psychologist for H.N. Reliance Hospital. She has a keen interest in PST and post-injury recovery counselling


Shaneela Gharat
Head of Communications

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Shaneela is a Sport and Exercise Psychologist based in Mumbai, India. She has a keen interest in CBT and building a healthy, positive environment for the high performance athletes.


Mudit Krishnani
Head of Communications

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Mudit is a Sport and Exercise Psychologist based in New Delhi, India. He has a keen interest in sustainable high performance cultures and integrating technological advances in sport and exercise psychology practices.


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Dr. Chaitanya Sridhar

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Dr. Chaitanya is a Holistic Sport Psychologist, working in the Sports Industry to help athletes achieve their top performance for more than two decades. She has worked with Sports Personnel from various disciplines with several elite athletes including International and Olympic medalists.


She has a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Sport Psychology from the University of Western Australia.


She is also in advanced Training to become a Jungian Analyst in Analytical Psychology.

Dr. Sridhar is an Adjunct Faculty for IIT-Madras and a Tedx speaker.

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Mugdha Bavare

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Sports Psychologist Mugdha Bavare has been an ex-international swimmer herself and a
recipient of State’s highest award, Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Award, for excellence in

Mugdha is a Co-founder of Disha Counseling Center, a Mental Health Center
dedicated to the mental health and vocational guidance of children, adolescents and
adults since last 25 years.

Mugdha is a founder of Mindsports that works for mental training and performance
enhancement of athletes.

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Dr. Sanjana Kiran

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Sanjana is High Performance Sport Psychology consultant, educator, mind labs curator, technopreneur, and a promoter of mental well-being of athletes and personnel in sport ecosystems.

With an aim to facilitate excellence and elevate athletic endeavours to Peak Performance, since 2 decades, she offers high-performance Mind Skills Training, Biofeedback Analysis & Intervention, Performance Profiling, & Critical Moment Analysis during high-stakes competitions, to athletes & coaches representing Olympics, Premier Leagues, Motor Racing, and other major games.


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