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Find the answers to some commonly asked questions about anything and everything INSPA.


1. What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Answer: Here are some of the benefits you get as part of being a member of INSPA:

  • Access to a growing list of INSPA resources, available only to members 

  • Reduced fees for all INSPA conferences, workshops and courses 

  • Free attendance to members only events 

  • Opportunities to network with national and international professionals in the field of sport and exercise 

  • Opportunities for early career members to find qualified mentors and/or supervisors

  • Opportunities to collaborate with universities and organisations for research and practice

  • Opportunities to contribute towards the development and advancement of sport psychology in India

  • Opportunity to pursue an international recognition of competence in sport psychology practice through the ISSP Registry 

  • Access to ISSP benefits at a reduced cost 

In the coming months, members will have access to a growing list of additional benefits, some of which will include:

  • Opportunity to feature in the INSPA directory of qualified sport psychologists 

  • Access to latest job opportunities in the field

  • Access to an exclusive member only zone within the discord server with dedicated channels for toolkits, resources, work opportunities, tips and case discussions with other members.


2. Are there any eligibility criteria for membership? 

Answer: There are four kinds of membership at INSPA - If you are a practicing sport psychologist in India or a student studying sport psychology, you will be eligible for the following memberships:

1. Professional Members

  • Master's or doctoral degree from an accredited institution in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology.

  • Completed more than two years of Sport Psychology practice in India, and can provide evidence for the same.

2. Early Career Members


  • Master's or doctoral degree from an accredited institution in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology​

  • Less than two years of Sport Psychology practice in India, within the first two years after completion of the degree. ​

On expiry of this membership status, one is eligible for Professional Membership​.

​3. Student Members


  • Currently studying Psychology at the undergraduate level or Sport Psychology at the postgraduate level​

  • Keen on developing a career in Sport Psychology

4. Affiliate Members


  • Completed more than one year of practice with athletes or stakeholders in sport in India, and can provide evidence for the same

  • Doctoral degree or Master’s from an accredited institution in any specialisation of psychology

​3. How can I become a member of INSPA Indian Sport Psychologists’ Association?

Answer: Once you are sure which membership you are eligible for (Professional, early career or student), you can fill up this form: . Memberships are open all year round.

4. How much is the membership fee, and how often is it paid?

Answer: Membership fee depends on the kind of membership:

  • Professional members/ Affiliate members: INR 5000, paid annually.

  • Early career members: INR 6000 for two years. On expiry of this membership status, members can apply for Professional Membership

  • Student members: INR 1500, paid annually.​

Work Opportunities

1. What kind of opportunities does INSPA offer for aspiring sport psychologists?

Answer: If you are an aspiring sport psychologist, you can apply for an internship at INSPA where you can get experience and insights into various aspects of sport psychology.

2. How can I apply for an internship?

Answer: If you’re interested in applying for an internship at INSPA, you can fill up this form and our team will get back to you:

3. Are there specific requirements or qualifications for internships?

Answer: Yes. If you are an enthusiastic, passionate student member of INSPA, this internship is for you. The internship is for a minimum of 2 months. 

4. What is the duration of the internship program?

Answer: A minimum of 2 months.

5. Are internships paid or unpaid?

Answer: It will be an unpaid internship.


1. What kind of events does INSPA organize?

Answer: INSPA organises various events for professional development such as webinars, workshops, conferences, courses, coffee conversations, Instagram live etc. 

2. How can I stay updated about upcoming events?

Answer: Upcoming events are regularly updated on our website , instagram handle as well as our official discord server

3. Are the events open to non-members?

Answer: Yes, most events are open to non-members with an additional fee.

4. Are there any fees associated with attending the events?
Answer: Depending on the nature of the event, members and non-members may have to pay a fee to attend the event.


5. Can members propose or organize events through the association?

Answer: We are always open to hear potential event proposals and reach out to experts to help maximize learnings from the event. You can email us your ideas ( or discuss them on our discord server.


​1. I am an aspiring sport psychologist but I am confused regarding where to pursue my masters/further education. Can you help?



2. How to get admission into a university for my masters in sport psychology?

Answer: There are a plethora of universities that offer a masters degree in sport psychology across India and abroad. Which university and course would be best for you depends on your personal preferences, so we would recommend doing your own research on the internet and/or approaching a career counselor who can help you choose the best suited programme for you.


​1. What services does the Indian Sport Psychologists Association offer?


Can you help me cope with the mental challenges/problems that I am facing?

Answer: Unfortunately since we are an association, INSPA currently does not offer any services related to sport psychology, performance and mental health. We are in the process of building a directory of qualified sport psychologists in India . In case there is an urgent need, please refer to the following 24x7 helplines:

NIMHANS (toll-free): 080 – 4611 0007
AASRA: +91 9820466726
Vandravela Foundation: Call: +91 9999666555
Mpower: 1800-1208-20050

For students:
Manodarpan, Ministry of Education (toll-free): 8448440632



1. Does INSPA support research in the field of sport psychology?

Answer: Yes, we do. We focus on two areas: dissemination of information & knowledge and generating research-related opportunities. Currently we are working towards identifying trends and key areas, developing our own research projects, guiding you to research ethical committees, facilitating funding, and promoting your work through our platforms or by conferences. 


2. How can I get involved in research projects conducted by INSPA?

Answer: We're working on this, please follow this space for more information.

3. Are there any funding opportunities for research?

Answer: We're working on this, please follow this space for more information.

4. Can I publish my research findings through the association's platform?

Answer: We're working on this, please follow this space for more information. 

5. Are there any specific research areas or themes of interest for INSPA? 

Answer: there are multiple research interest areas at INSPA. We do have our quarterly themes, additionally we're closely following latest trends and upcoming areas to develop research works. And we're always keen to learn about the myriad opportunities from you. 

6. Can you help me find participants/share recruitment calls for my research on your page?

Answer: We would be happy to share INSPA members’ research on our page and support in recruitment calls. For that please contact us at

7. Can INSPA help us in promoting our work at conferences? 

Answer: We're working on this, please follow this space for more information.

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